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Business Agility is not easy to define as it encompasses several aspects within an organization such as organization design, adaptive leadership, governance & strategy as well as Agile practices outside IT. The need of the hour is to sense and respond to customer and market needs with disruptive products and services in an immediate friction-less manner.

However, in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive environment how does one adapt to market pressures with consistently better products, processes and organizational environment? How can an enterprise achieve this adaptive state to achieve greater market share and revenue growth?

The Business Agility Roadshow is aimed at getting us on a common ground of understanding Business Agility through speakers and experts who will share their experience on this platform. The event will also throw light upon the path to creating the mastery of Innovation. The structure of the day-long event is going to cover collaborative sessions, expert talks on varied topics and concepts that contribute to building a Business’s Agility.

Event Format

The Business Agility Roadshow will be a day-long event focusing on various dynamics that can achieve Business Agility - Scaling, Leadership, Technology, Innovation and Transformation to name a few.We are going to create an exciting mix of technology and process themes aimed at anyone who is interested in pursuing the journey of Agile beyond teams and transformation beyond frameworks.Every event as a part of the Roadshow, will focus on specific domains to bring forth the challenges and opportunities for a domain and explore its uniqueness in embracing Agile.


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